A Taste Experience Out of this World!

“I just want to say Thank you for giving my taste buds and palate an out of this world experience during the week. I was invited to a friend of mine’s family celebratory event. where there was a variety of deliciously treats and nibbles. They had this Hawaiian-Italian themed event. Great products from your brand was on display. There was this delicious Black Fig dip and I am sure it was some kind of Garlic dip. My friend mentioned the name Dipt, so I had to search for you guys. Just to say Thank you for supplying the Weskus area with your products.

Like I said, as a reviewer, I know that not all flavor combinations work well together… but Thank you for giving me an experience out of this world.

I am in awe of your wide range of super delicious products.”

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  • delish

    Good Day Ikeraam, thanks so much for the lovely review – we are so glad that you enjoyed our products so much with your friends. Be sure to also try our other products.

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