Delish Fudg' Spread

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you often wish you had something sweet but different to spread on your bread?

Delish has once again broken the mould and created something entirely different based on an old favourite that both children and adults alike love… Fudg’™ Spread. 


Yes, you heard correctly – FUDG’™ SPREAD!!


Tantalise Your Tastebuds

Our Delish Fudg’™ Spread range once again takes your mouth on a magical mystery tour of your tastebuds…

Picture yourself with the sweet craving that you just cannot satisfy – then you remember that you have Fudg’ Spread in your cupboard…

Get out the bread, toast or crackers, and then…

Decisions, decisions… will I have the Nutty Banoffi, the Caramel, the Honey & Almonds, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Blueberry spread today?

Of course you could just eat it out of the bottle with a teaspoon, but then it would all be finished so quickly…

TIP: Hide this yummy goodness from your kids 😉
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