What is Dipt?

South Africans love their sport, braaing, fishing, and just socialising with their friends, and you had better believe that if you walk into any one of these gatherings you will find some crisps and dips somewhere around.

Dipt is a new spin on an old favourite. While we all like guacamole or a chilli dip, tastes have evolved over the years, and we are always on the lookout for new taste sensations…

Dipt has taken the flavoured mayo trend to new heights with unusual flavours such as Honey & Sesame, Wasabi, Chilli Infused, Olive & Onion, Fig & Garlic, and Peppadew & Garlic, to name but a few.

The creamy and tangy Dipt range will tantalise your tastebuds,
and have you coming back for more time and time again.
bottles of dipt mayo on steel shelves in shop

How to Use Dipt

Although we market our Dipt range as a dip, our flavours are so diverse that they complement various types of snax, not only crisps:

1. Use Dipt as a conventional dip for crisps

2. Be adventurous and try Dipt Peppadew & Garlic with your crispy chicken wings, viennas or even your burgers.

3. Use Dipt as you would any other mayonnaise, on your chicken mayo, ham & tomato, or other sandwiches.

4. Add a tangy difference to your potato salad by adding Dipt Honey & Sesame (or any of the others)

5. Add a touch of heat to your tuna or chicken mayo with Dipt Chilli Infused or Wasabi flavours


Be Adventurous & Playful with your Dipt

Life is too short for self-hatred and celery sticks
~ Marilyn Wann ~


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