Delish Dishes

On this page and hopefully, many more to follow, Delish Gourmet Blends will share with you just some of the many wonderful dishes that can be made utilising our products!

We usually reserve Fridays to do “Foodie Fridays“, but as we are generally busy setting up for markets on a Friday, and because we love Afrikaans and are very local-centric (affie Weskus en die Swartland), we are going to be doing “Delish Dish Donderdae” instead.

This means you can tune in every Thursday for a new recipe showcasing the Delish tastes of one or more of our products…

As we post more and more recipes, we will fine-tune this page and create various filters to make it simpler for you to find not only the current recipe, but others using a specific product or of a particular genre or cuisine…

We hope that you enjoy our culinary adventures and please remember, we do enjoy feedback (but NOT spam!)

Wasabi Dipt Wrap
This scrumptious wrap is healthy, quick to make with minimal fuss and is sure to be a winner as a snack, light meal or at parties.
This recipe is an original recipe from Jax Farr Books, who is one of our Beta Tasters and a Wasabi Fundi.
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picture of a wrap filled with chicken, tomato, spinach and Dipt Wasabi Mayo
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