What is Chopi Chopi?

Chopi Chopi™ is a sensational condiment crafted from a harmonious blend of sundried tomatoes, olives, garlic, feta cheese and Italian herbs, in an olive oil blend. This unique combination offers a burst of flavours that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

This carefully balanced fusion of flavours creates a symphony of taste, enhancing your meals with a burst of Mediterranean-inspired delight.

This condiment is a must for those who are passionate about their food – the secret is in the fact that each carefully selected ingredient enhances both the taste and the texture, and together they create a party in your mouth!

Chopi Chopi™ contains no preservatives or colourants.

How to Use Chopi Chopi

Chopi Chopi™, like all other Delish products, is extremely versatile, and tastes delicious when paired with just about anything:

1. Add Chopi Chopi to your salad – all you need is lettuce – Chopi Chopi provides everything else you need, including your salad dressing.

2. Add some Chopi Chopi to your pasta, especially spaghetti – the oil coats the pasta beautifully and the other ingredients are all you need to make a delicious meal.

3. Add Chopi Chopi to any sauce base you are using for your pasta.

4. Use Chopi Chopi on your pizza (drained of oil) for that authentic Mediterranean flavour

5. Use Chopi Chopi in your buffets or canapes

6. Use Chopi Chopi to add flavour to your cooked food – goes excellently with pork.

7. Chopi Chopi pairs very well with sushi and various other fish.

8. Use Chopi Chopi as a dip for crisps.

9. Load your crackers or ciabatta (with or without cheese) with Chopi Chopi.

10. Use Chopi Chopi in omelettes and frittatas.

11. Spread Chopi Chopi onto crackers and bread.

12. Use Chopi Chopi as a simple topping on bruschetta or crostini.

13. Crumble Chopi Chopi over roasted vegetables.

14. Enjoy Chopi Chopi with a charcuterie board.

15. Use the Chopi Chopi oil in cooking to infuse flavour.

16. Grab a book, a teaspoon and a bottle of Chopi Chopi…

chopi chopi condiment on crackers and cheese on an oval black plate

How to Store Chopi Chopi

Once opened, Chopi Chopi™ should be stored in the refrigerator along with your other condiments for best results and to keep it fresher for longer, although experience has told us that a bottle does not last that long as it is too delicious and is generally finished very quickly.

When olive oil is chilled, it can solidify and become cloudy. This is because the fatty acids in the oil start to solidify at temperatures below 40°F (4°C). The cloudiness does not affect the quality or taste of the oil, and it will disappear once the oil returns to room temperature.


Remember to remove your Chopi Chopi from the fridge a short while before consuming, to let the oil come back to normal consistency.

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