Chilli Peppers are

*Hot Stuff*

The chilli pepper is a spicy fruit (yes, it’s a fruit and not a vegetable) which is often used to make cooked dishes spicy as well. There are many different types of chillies, which differ in colour, shape, size and heat intensity.

Chillies belong to the Solanaceae family, which includes other vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, tomatillos, and goji berries.

Chillies are classified further into the Genus Capsicum L -pepper. According to Wikipedia, the name Capsicums is thought to have originated from the Latin “capsa”, which means to box (perhaps referring to the shape of the pods). 

The name may also be derived from the Greek “kapto”, which means “to gulp.” The reference to pepper is thought to refer to the similarity in pungency that this Genus has with black pepper (Piper nigrum ). 

Capsicum is further broken down into the particular species that the Chillies fall under.

Although there are thought to be around thirty species of chilli, many of them grow only in the wild.

Five species have been domesticated and are more well-known:

1. Capsicum Annuum

2. Capsicum Baccatum

3. Capsicum Chinense

4. Capsicum Frutescens

5. Capsicum Pubescens

All of the above species have very distinct characteristics that help identify them.

Read more about the above 5 species of chilli. HERE

What Is Chilli Krisp?

Most people who visit our market stalls think that we are selling chilli jam – NOT!! Others think that it is a chilli oil – NOT!

While Chilli Krisp is oil-based, it is SO much more than just a chilli oil – it is a crunchy, spicy, aromatic condiment with Chinese origins.

The original, Lao Gan Ma, which translates to “godmother sauce,” was created in 1997 by Tao Huabi, the godmother pictured on the jar. A poor widow from the Guizhou province of China, she opened a noodle shop to support her family, and began bottling and selling her sauce, which was created as a mix-in for noodle dishes, as an additional income, quickly becoming one of the richest self-made billionaires in China

CK Smokin FB Cover (851 x 315 mm) (1)

Our Chilli Krisp

Whereas Lao Gan Ma’s chilli crisp is a bright orange, derived from the soybean oil that she used, our Chilli Krisp is a dark red, as we use sunflower oil.

Our garlic, scallions and chillis are cut smaller than those used in the “godmother sauce,” but the infusion of all the perfectly fried, flavourful and aromatic ingredients creates the ideal blend of crunch to oil, resulting in a condiment that creates a taste sensation in your mouth that is at the same time tangy, savoury and umami.

Our Chilli Krisp contains only the best quality ingredients, NO PRESERVATIVES, and NO MSG, unlike the original.

We have sourced the perfect blend of spices to create our signature taste.

How to Use Chilli Krisp

Chilli Krisp is one of the most versatile condiments around, as it really can be used on almost anything, including ice-cream!

Slather Chilli Krisp on your breakfast eggs, or on your lunch pizza or cheese and ham sarmie; top your braaied steak or boerewors roll with a hearty helping of Chilli Krisp, or add a bit of both the “flesh” and the oil to your pan when frying up your calamari or prawns…

For a wonderful and very different taste sensation, drizzle a bit of Chilli Krisp over your ice-cream – you will thank us for the idea!

As time goes by we will post more innovative ideas on using Chilli Krisp as well as some great Recipes you can make using Chilli Krisp.


Original Chilli Krisp has a wonderful full-flavoured taste with a One 🌶 heat and is a firm favourite for those who like chilli in small doses.

Black Bean

Black Bean Chilli Krisp has a One 🌶 Heat with Chinese Black Beans giving this condiment a lovely texture and a slightly salty taste. YUM😋 


*HOT* Chilli Krisp has a wonderful full-flavoured taste with a three 🌶🌶🌶 heat and is the choice of those of us who enjoy our chilli burn but still want to taste our food.

How to Store Chilli Krisp

Once opened, Chilli Krisp should be stored in the refrigerator along with your other condiments for best results and to keep it fresher for longer, although experience has told us that a bottle does not last that long as it is too delicious and is generally finished very quickly.

Remember to shake or stir your Chilli Krisp well before opening and using, so that the ingredients mix well with the oil.

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