Chilli Krisp is Ukudla Okuhle (Good Food)



Chinense was so named by a Dutch botanist who mistakenly believed that the species originated in China because of its extensive use in Chinese Cuisine. 

Chinense Capsicum actually has its origins in the Andean region and was introduced to China by European explorers.

Capsicum Chinense is known as a Habenero-type chilli and is home to all of the hottest pepper varieties, including:

Scotch Bonnets,
Madame Jeanette’s (from Suriname),
7 pot cultivars,
Trinidad Scorpions,
Bhut Jolokia (Ghost peppers),
Datils (from Florida)
Fatalli (from South Central Africa)
Carolina Reaper

The Scoville rating of these chillies is more than 100 000 SHU.

The Carolina Reaper, which is officially the hottest Chilli in the world, is a cultivar of this species. It is a cross between the Soufriere pepper from the Caribbean and the Naga viper Chilli from Pakistan, and rates a massive 1,569,300 SHU.

Less pungent cultivars like the Habanero and Scotch Bonnet are in the 100 000 to 350 000 SHU range.

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