Chilli Krisp is Ukudla Okuhle (Good Food)



The name means “berry-like”, which generally describes the shape of Chillies that come from this species, although some aji varieties are long and slender, while others take on more curled and bizarre shapes. Some notable examples: the Brazilian starfish, the bishop’s crown.

This species has its origins in Peru and the Andean region of South America, an area which is hypothesised to be the birthplace of the first Chillies in this world. Aji Chillies, which generally come from this species, have been consumed in this region for thousands of years.

Chillies that fall into this species include:

Aji Amarillo (Peru’s most popular Chilli),
Aji Limone ( also known as the lemon drop Chilli),
Pitanga ( starfish Chilli of Brazil),
Bishops Crown,
Aji Andean,
Aji Ayucullo (Peru),
Aji Benito (Bolivia),
Aji Catatenango ( El Salvador),
Aji Brown (Peru)
White wax Chilli

SHU ratings for this species of Chilli tends to range between 30 000 and 50 000 SHU.

One exception to this is the Sweet piquanté pepper from South Africa with a SHU of 1177.

The Aji Amarillo falls in the 30 000 to 50 000 SHU category, as does the Aji Limone.

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