Adding a Little Capie Style

I am a born and bred Capie, and grew up with the local lingo, so when I say that I am “galising” for something it means I am craving it so bad I can taste it (generally refers to food).

So, I have been galising for a lekka fry-up for a good while now and today was the day to dala what I must…

Only had baby taties so cut them into quarters and deep-fried them; added bacon, fried eggs, toast, mayo, cheeze and of course – CHILLI KRISP!!

Awê my bra! That was Ayoba!

Jislaaik mase kinnes, die Chilli Krisp is somma kwaai – youse must get you some, wena. Ek mien, “Local is lekker” ekse!

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